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  • Spent all day yesterday shooting out in the back county of the Florida Keys.

    Some Days just don’t suck

    [caption id="attachment_105" align="aligncenter" width="618"] Spent all day yesterday shooting out in the ...

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  • Chad Newman as The Whale

    Nice Review of The Whale

    This is a really¬†nice review of The Whale – the play I’m doing at the Red Barn Theatre in Key West. This play is about a 600 lb man who is trapped in his apartment and can’t leave. This character and I share so many similarities with our relationship to food. It has been a […]

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  • issue

    Newspaper Article about the Too Fat To Fail Launch Party

      A weighty issue: Newman’s ‘Too Fat To Fail’ campaign gets underway BY LIZZ CAREAGA Citizen Staff Photo By Rob O’Neal ¬† Local funny-man Chad Newman has had a variety of jobs, due to his weight, including stand-up comedy, television commercials, and stripping with the Chippenwhales dancers in Orlando. “My weight’s been very good to […]

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  • chad

    Come down to the Bottle Cap this Friday for the Launch of Too Fat To Fail

    This Friday, July 11, during a 5-8 p.m. happy hour event at the Bottle Cap, 1128 Simonton St. in Key west I will be launching my Too Fat To Fail Project.  

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  • skinny

    Skinny Chad

    My weight has been such a huge part of my identity for so long that I can’t even imagine what I would look like Skinny. So to give myself some motivation, I asked my friend Lothar to draw Skinny Chad and this is what he came up with. Deep inside me is this guy just […]

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  • small

    It’s all about small changes

    This really hit home. It’s something I’ve been saying to myself for a long time. Make just one small change, and then another, and another. Small changes seem doable.

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